When the mattress was considered
a companion item

The story that encompasses a family tradition in the upholstery industry was born from a small workshop of a few square meters. Small color photos served as a catalog and small vehicles transported handcrafted products to customers scattered in the province of Salerno.

The mattress was conceived as a secondary element in a bedroom. Suffice it to say that, in most cases, the mattress was given as a gift.

These few lines contain the story of difficulties and prejudices that the Fortunato family has had to face in all these years so that, from a small artisan workshop, it became an established and well-known industry in Italy and in Europe, attentive to the health and well-being of people.

From provincial shop to wellness industry

Passion, determination and the great desire to promote and spread the "culture of mattresses" and good sleep were the "secret" ingredients that made the story of a dream come true.

And it is precisely the "culture of the mattress", the fundamental principle that moves the Casa Fortunato business idea. In support of the initiative there are the pillars that every successful company should protect and safeguard: the respect and enhancement of the qualified human resources involved in the project, then creating a relationship of direct collaboration with the sales network.

The mix of all these elements has made Casa Fortunato a "family", a "Group", a leader in the upholstery sector in Italy and in Europe.

Made in Italy excellence

  • Selection of high quality raw materials.
  • Product entirely Made in Italy in design and production.
  • Natural materials and coatings with low environmental impact.

Research, development and design

In our factory in Bellizzi, which covers an area of 10,000 m2, we produce mattresses with pocket springs of the highest quality, the result of a constant commitment to research, development and design.

Casa Fortunato has made innovation and the use of technologically advanced raw materials the elements it cannot ignore, to allow its customers to enjoy one of the most important aspects of a person's life: good sleep.

Sustainability and Ethical Commitment

Casa Fortunato respects man and the environment. Ethics, honesty and sustainability have always been placed at the center of every phase of the work and have become an integral part of the corporate culture. We have implemented a series of important strategies linked to the environmental sustainability of each activity and process, from the increase in investments in energy efficiency to the reduction of waste, from the choice of eco-compatible materials to the great attention paid to safeguarding the healthiness of the environments work. Choosing Casa Fortunato means contributing to scientific research in the medical/health field. Every year we allocate funds for financial projects and research aimed at protecting human health and life.

The quality of manufacturing and our materials

The materials used for the production of our products have characteristics of naturalness, hygiene, hypoallergenicity and resistance. The quality of the internal components, of the padding, the tailoring of the finishes, exclusive lozenges made with high-tech machinery, the three-dimensional breathable band, combined with the careful choice of polyurethanes supplied by guaranteed and certified Italian companies, have allowed Casa Fortunato to become a Top Brand in the sector on a European scale, becoming synonymous with Made in Italy quality.

This is why Casa Fortunato has chosen to focus on Italian quality and on its manufacturing and design tradition, unparalleled in the world as it is founded on solid roots and a love for perfection.

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